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geotextile composite


Composite textile products, mainly refers to a nonwoven fabric as a carrier, or said fabric, by impregnation or by a coating process, the combination, laminating, laminating techniques or any of the foregoing two kinds (or more) processing techniques to some extent The cross combines the resulting material.

The composite of non-woven geotextile reflects the technical characteristics of current textile development and the permeability characteristics associated with other related industries. One is a barrier-proof building material which is a composite of a geotextile nonwoven fabric and a plastic film (PVC, PU) .

Here, provided that the fabric strength and other mechanical properties of the film to enhance its barrier properties. In particular, the warp knitted biaxial fabric is combined with the PVC coating , and the obtained geotextile geomembrane product has stable structural dimensions, good resin bonding property and good peeling resistance , and has been widely used in geotechnical construction, water conservancy, garbage disposal, etc. aspect.

Another characteristics of the resulting nonwoven fabric is a nonwoven geotextiles variety of molding process, using a combination of different cross-molding process of the nonwoven fabric, it gives the fabric new features. For example , a woven base fabric combined with a needle-punched nonwoven fabric produces a filter material , the woven base fabric imparts mechanical properties such as strength and dimensional stability , and the needle-punched cloth provides the product with filtration performance.

Woven and needle-punched nonwoven technology combine to produce geotextiles , which make geotextiles have the characteristics of strong fabrics, stable size and other woven fabrics , while enhancing their anti-seepage, drainage and filtration properties. The combination of processes can be used to complement each other , enhance fabric performance , and expand the application area of the product.

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